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offering everything your career needs to succeed


We’ll be with you every step of the way, from strategizing, designing, and manufacturing to storing, selling, and shipping

Bubba, our merch guru and captain of the Invasion merch team

our warehouse in Norwood (outside Boston)


  • • Housing and care for your merchandise
  • • Space for your CD stock and catalog inventories as retail distributors shut down
  • • Drop shipping for merch while you’re on tour
  • • Additional storage space for staging and equipment
You’re on the journey of a lifetime. We can help you keep things moving beautifully.

More offerings from Invasion Group: the Portal to a one-stop solution to develop, maintain, and own your art.

THE WHAT: We can be the center of your artistic universe to help you support your career. Artists, managers, labels — we offer the full solution to support your business. We function as front and back office, offering management expertise and infrastructure, acting as management or augmenting your management or label team.

THE HOW: The music comes first for us and we use available technology to bring art into the world. In our indie economy, you need to keep the biggest share of your revenue to fund your growth. We call this methodology Fine Tuned Reality. At any stage of your career, we can use our relationships to deliver you the best business opportunities.

Offering: worldwide cost-effective digital distribution direct to all outlets with no middle man to take another percentage from your already slim margins.


  • •Digital distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, et al
  • •Hard good distribution to all brick and mortar retail outlets
  • •Shipping for direct-to-fan sales


  • •Management career strategy and implementation
  • •Working directly with artists or their managers
  • •Consulting, designing, and executing a plan

United for Opportunity has been the model others have emulated since 2005. We unite professional expertise into deliverables for artist development.

Providing services sourced through our industry partners:

  • •Business management
  • •Publishing administration
  • •Synchs
  • •Design
  • •Publicity
  • •Radio Promotion